Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday January 25th openings

A nice evening for hitting the gallery openings:
Great Escapes
Robert Wilhite:  W-9 Nuclear Artillery Shell, 2011 and Davy Crockett, 2008-9 both lacquer on wood

Scott: Barber: all untitled works from 1999, oil and urethane on polyfiber

Oliver Francis Gallery
Dark Markets
organized by Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Joe Brittain
Ann Hirsch
Cheon pyo Lee

Randall Garret, spoken word
Inferno Texino, music

Mighty Fine Arts
Noble Savages

Randall Garrett

“Let the Drip From the Ceiling Become an 8 Foot Hole in the Roof” by Jeff Gibbons


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday January 11th openings

Red Arrow Contemporary
Negative Capability curated by Apophenia Underground
Jared Holt "3.5 x 33,800", 2013, paper (floor & wall)

Jared Holt "Sealed Volume", 2013 mixed media

Pierre Krause "Garmonbozia", 2014, mixed media and "A Smiling Bag", 2014 photograph

Pierre Krause "Things Like This Happen and Make You Start Dreaming", 2014, mixed media

H. Schenck "Duck Hunting", 1/1, 2013, digital inject print

H. Schenck "untitled", 2014, video, ipod, velvetta box, punching bag, printed stand

Holly Johnson Gallery 
John Adelman: One of Two New Drawings

John Adelman drawings

Conduit Gallery
Justin Quinn: Some Things Are Not Possible
Michael Mazurek: House Plants

 Justin Quinn works

Justin Quinn

Michael Muzurek House Plants

Michael Muzurek House Plants 

Dallas Contemporary
ARTHUR PEñA: Slight Shift, Steady Hand

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New site beginning in 2014

I decided to retire my old art site and create a new one for 2014.  I will continue to focus on Texas based artists and exhibitions. North Texas, Dallas, Houston and in between. 
The first post is a sampling of my other site "out the window" where I document artist studio visits.  I visited with CJ Davis on Sunday, January 5th a freezing cold day but an exciting visit with an artist I have known for a long time.   A few years ago CJ agreed to put together a memorable solo exhibition of his work at VAL which I am still grateful.