Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sonny Burt and Bob Butler

Selections From The
Legendary Collection of
Sonny Burt & Bob Butler 
August 13 - October 18, 2014
Talley Dunn Gallery
5020 Tracy Street
Dallas, Texas 75205

Living Room - works are by The Art Guys, Pam Nelson, Robert Feuge, Monica Vidal, David Warren, Brian Bosworth, Sharon Engelstein, David McManaway,  Issac Smith, and James Surles

L to R:  Art Guys, Pam Nelson and Robert Feuge

The Art Guys

Brian Bosworth, Pam Nelson, Sharon Engelstein, David McManaway and Isaac Smith

L to R: Nic Nicosia, Eric Swenson, Trenton Dole Hancock

David Bates       Robert Helm
Dan Rizzie       John Alexander
Tom Orr

Michael Ray Charles,    Luis Jimenez
                                     Bill Devenport

Melissa Miller

Aaron Parazette, Jack Massing, Charles Andresen,  Martin Delabano,
David McGee, Linda Ridgway (3), Lance Letscher

Aaron Parazette, Jack Massing

Martin Delabano

Linda Ridgway

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Longitude/Lattitude Part II

Conduit Gallery's 30th Anniversary Exhibition part II.

Robert Barsamian, Rosalyn Bodycomb, Gabriel Dawe, Kirk Hayes, Robert Jessup, Jules Buck Jones, Stephen Lapthisophon, Carrie Marill, Marcelyn McNeil, Margaret Meehan, C. Meng, Justin Quinn, Rex Ray, Al Souza, James Sullivan, W. Tucker, Reinhard Ziegler

 W. Tucker

Gabriel Dawe

Jules Buck Jones 

 Reinhard Ziegler

 Robert Barsamian

Marcelyn McNeil

 Stephen Lapthisophon and James Sullivan

Rex Ray and Marcelyn McNeil

Margaret Meehan

Part II opened Saturday, August 2nd.
Conduit Gallery
1626 Hi Line Dr.
Dallas, TX 75207

Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick trip to Houston

Photos are from a couple of weekends ago.   Michael Wynne, James Buss and I took a quick trip to Houston help celebrate Hello Project's initial opening.  We did see lots of exhibitions...

1. Inman Gallery
(Cliché of a Flower Bouquet)
Inga Kerber
Rumpus Room

3. Art Palace
Elaine Bradford
Kaneem Smith - Substrate
Kaneem Smith

5. Lawndale
Elaine Bradford

Torie Shelton

Outdoor sculpture
Trenton Doyle Hancock: Skin and Bones, 20 Years of Drawing
Joe Havel
The collection - 
fresh: Haim Steinbach and Objects from the Permanent Collection
Haim Steinbach
To round out our trip a studio visit to Jason Villages on Friday night followed by a visit to David Aylsworth  Saturday morning.